The MONITOR project in partnership with the SEACAMS project have orgnaised a workshop on Conducting fieldwork in tidal stream sites.  Both MONITOR and EMEC will deliver keynote presentations as part of the workshop.

Several regions around the UK coast have been identified as having a significant tidal stream resource for commercial exploitation. Data collection in these highly energetic areas are inherently difficult to work in, with high tidal flows – sometimes combined with high wave exposure – demanding the necessity for specialist vessels, equipment and detailed local knowledge being basic requirements. This workshop is centred on the challenges and best practices of working at high energy sites, and is aimed at a broad range of stakeholders, including technicians, marine renewable energy technology developers, scientific equipment companies, scientists and academics alike.

If you would like to book a place to attend the workshop or would like to find out more, please go to or download the agenda from fieldwork-masts_workshop_2ndnov2018.