Join the MONITOR team who are taking part in the RENEW 2020 conference.

15 October, 14.00 – 15.30 (GMT+1)

Session 15.2 – Power assessment and fluctuating loads in tidal energy devices.

Application of VMEA to assess uncertainties affecting tidal devices: preliminary findings using tank-scale turbines (0025)
E. Jump, I. Papachristou, A. Macleod, M. Slama, G. Pinon, F. Represas, J. Grande, E. Nicolas J. Marcille & M. Togneri

Implementing varying blade profile and Reynolds Number in BEMT code (0026)
I. Evans, M. Togneri, T. Lake, R. Gwenter, I. Masters, G.Pinon & M. Slama

Blade root load variations on two scaled industrial tidal turbines. (0039)
M. Slama, G. Pinon, M. Togneri, E. Jump, B. Gaurier, G. Germain, F. Represas, J. Grande, E. Nicolas & J. Marcille.